What IS Mindfulness Meditation?

By Julie Brams

Meditation is proving to be a “must have” for people of all walks of life. Mindfulness Meditation, or Vipassana, is far more than a feel-good technique: As research continues to make abundantly clear, mindfulness is a powerful means of managing the stress, worry and hardships of living in the new millennium.

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Mindfulness Meditation and the Role of Mindfulness in New-Wave CBT

Emotional Awareness and Radical Acceptance
By David Mellinger, M.S.W.

Through training in mindfulness meditation, men and women learn to practice mindfulness – an attitude of openness, freshness, and willingness to engage in the comings and goings of our thoughts, feelings, and other mental experiences at this very moment.  Mindfulness enables us to focus on the present, to experience mental events separately from taking action, and to refrain from attempting to shut down painful experiences or prolong pleasant experiences.

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What Causes Overworry?

Worry is a common way to think about problems, threats, or danger. At stressful times, or after difficult life experiences, everyday worry or negative thinking can begin lasting too long or occurring too often, perhaps even to the point where it becomes difficult to control. Disturbing worry churns your major concerns together with deep-seated uneasiness.

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